Graphic Novel Preview: VITIATORS

Updated: Jun 28

Illustrated by Charles N. & scripted by Elytron Frass, VITIATORS is a sprawling work-in progress graphic novel - a Western spin on the Japanese subgenre known as ero-guro-nansensu (erotic grotesque nonsense). Hinted at within our preview, VITIATORS is set in a 2-D world of text & image in which its mangaka pens himself into a god in order to compete with his disgruntled readers who've transcended even him. Characters themselves are at the mercy of a metawar which they cannot perceive.Please consider contributing to our GoFundMe campaign, in support of us and VITIATORS during these uncertain times. And, most of all, enjoy the lengthy preview below (which scratches just the avant-guro surface of VITIATORS' world).